Wall Drawing 528 G, 1987, Color ink washes superimposed on wall


Untitled (Splotch), 2005, fiberglass, 152x122x102 cm


Structure, 1988, aluminum and paint, 80x80x80 cm


Form Derivated from a Cube, 1988, wood and paint, 100x100x100 cm


Untitled, 1985, wood and paint, 60x35x40 cm


Horizontal brushstrokes, 2002, gouache on paper, 79,5×137 cm


Lines in color, 2002-2004, gouaches on paper, 57×76 cm each



Outdoor structure n.12, Exhibition view Galleria Massimo Minini 1992


Wall Drawings, Exhibition view Galleria Massimo Minini 1982


Splotches, Exhibition view Galleria Massimo Minini 2005