Exhibition view Galleria Minini 2012


Exhibition view Galleria Minini 2012




Exhibition view, Galleria Massimo Minini, 2005


Wallpiece, 2005, paint on wall


Black Marble Diptych, 2012, marble, 50×50 cm each


Light Dark, 2010, mirrors, dipthych, 100×100 cm


Mirror Diptych with multicolored words, 2011, each square 100×100 cm


Black Mirrorpiece with multicolored words, 2011, 100×100 cmUntitled (light Blue), Acrylic on Canvas, 2012, 122x122cm


Untitled, 1992, paint on paper, 4 elements, 36×29 cm each


Cobalt Blue Word List, 2012, Floorpiece with six words


Silver Word List, Installation for wall and floor, variable dimension


Aluminum Circle, 2012, 8 words in aluminum, attached to a wall, each letter h15 cm